Parent’s Corner

Parent's Corner

 The school’s best assets are its students. To continue to grow, the school relies on referrals. Please tell your friends, family and colleagues about Steiner Academy of Martial Arts and direct them to our website or Social Media sites. We offer promotions to both potential new students and current students who refer others. Contact Sensei Steiner for details on current promotions for current students. Direct interested friends, family or colleagues to the “New Prospects” page on the website. Here they can register for a free class or even a special two week trial. Also feel free to bring them for a visit to the dojo, have them register for the free evaluation class on the “New Prospects” page

Kicksite student login instructions

Check your email From for a subject that says
“You’ve been invited to Kicksite by Steiner Academy of Martial Arts”

Click on the link to create username and password

Setup your login

(if you already have Username and password  – Just login)

Click on billing on the top menu
Click on Add Checking Account  On the right hand side
This will be the account that your monthly fee will be drawn from.  (ACH incurs no monthly fee, anyone that desires to pay monthly fees by credit card will incur a 5.00 monthly surcarge)

Fill in all info be sure to click Store so that your account will be on file for monthly charges.


Credit card Info,   if you would like to store a CC on file for special events, purchases (belts shirts, intensive)   Go back to Billing ad click Add Credit Card,  use LASTNAME-CC  for label

Next  CLICK “Profile” in the upper right corner
Click “Edit profile”

Please confirm all entries are correct and add a Photo of yourself if you like.
Once everything is correct  CLICK “UPDATE” at the bottom

Once complete please REPLY to the ermail  with a Simple ”  ALL DONE!”

I appreciate your time

PS If you do not have a monthly membership  feel free to choose what billing accounts you would like to have on file  there is no CC charge for dropins, punch cards, only for recurring monthhly payments

Dojo Ettiquette

  • Parent participation is encouraged, however please refrain from disrupting the class and disciplining the students from the sidelines as it is detrimental to the educational atmosphere.
  • Speak quietly when classes are in session, during meditation and promotions. Be respectful and pay attention during promotions–students work hard to earn their belts.
  • Photo/Video recording during your child’s promotion is acceptable, otherwise permission is required to use video and photography equipment in the dojo or at Steiner Academy events at all times.
  • Please turn cell phones off or place them on vibrate, and answer/make all calls outside of the dojo.
  • Academy information will be updated periodically on this website including: Schedule changes, seminars and class information. This information will also be available through our social media pages.
  • Competition among students is a healthy part of Karate. Parents also need to exude good sportsmanship as an example to the children.
  • Please limit outside food or drink into the dojo. Water is available.

Billing and payments

  • Payment is due on the first of every month. In an effort to streamline the business and make payments easier for both you and Steiner Academy we accept membership payments through ACH automatic draft through your bank account. This is set up with your membership, it will require an account and routing number. Please notify Staff in writing or in person of any changes to your banking information prior to due date so account payments can be processed in a timely manner and incur no late fees.

What is an Intensive Weekend?

Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 10am-5pm – Lunch around 1 pm both days

Join us for an in-depth study weekend to include review and mastery of your current Kempo technique, and an in-depth look into your next level rank material. The mission is to prepare you for your next rank

This weekend will include a complete review of all currently required material and polishing of that material. The second level of this training is the teaching of the material needed for your next promotion. As the name suggests, the training will be tough and intense. The days will be long and the rewards great. Many attendees will be tested for their next rank on Sunday.

Do not miss this opportunity to improve your skills by leaps and bounds in one weekend. Remember the intensive is only as good as the people attending, come out support your fellow students in their progress as you work toward your next goal.

What if my child get sicks or has an injury?

If your child has an illness that prevents them from attending school, please feel free to keep them home from classes. They are allowed to make up a class on a different day to help them achieve their goals.

If your child has a minor injury that may keep them from a few classes please feel free to let them come to observe class or participate in a “NO CONTACT” state. This allows your child to observe how others are learning and usually gives them the opportunity to help teach others via verbal communication.

If your child needs medical treatment that prevents them from attending class that would last a month or longer, please let us know. We have the ability to “suspend” their membership for up to 3-months. Once they are cleared for participation your child’s membership will start back up.

I'm worried about my child's progress.

  • Each student will advance at their own pace. Attendance, parental guidance and practice at home are essential for students to succeed. Speak to Sensei or another instructor if you have any questions or concerns. Also feel free to utilize our Practice Calendar record tool to encourage your child to practice on a regular basis.

My child compains all the way to class.

What’s Best for Me?

By Jerry Weiss

Very often we have forgotten what made us decide to seek out a martial art school for our children.  It could have been because we felt our child needed some confidence building or needed help with his or her self-esteem.  Maybe you found they had no interest in any physical activity and you chose martial arts.  However any activity you choose or they choose would need some kind of commitment from both you and them.

I am not talking about an agreement you might make with a martial art school.  Of course that can be taken as a commitment that your child or children are going to continue to train.  But the commitment has to be on your part as well.

Once you know what the schedule is, it is your job to make sure your child or children are there.  Very often priorities have to be rearranged.  This can be a disruption on everyone’s part, and in some cases especially the parent or the driver.

Sure we get home from work and we’re tired.  Yes, many times we’ve had a stressful day.  Maybe we didn’t get enough sleep the day before and look forward to just doing nothing.  But then we realize that it is the day and close to the time we have to take our children to karate class.  But wait, our children have also come home from school, preschool or the sitter.  They have now settled in for the evening and are now watching television or playing video games.  They don’t want to move.  Does this sound familiar?

Now, whoever is responsible for getting that special someone to karate class as to disrupt their little ones activity and get them ready and sometimes motivated for the ride or walk to class.  AND THEY DON’T WANT TO GO!  We’re not discussing the possible fact they don’t want to go anymore.  They do like it once there. But it’s getting them there that sometimes is the hassle.  It’s hard to continue to have to “fight” with them every time there is somewhere to go.  This just so happens to be karate.  And it does sometimes become easier to say okay this time, but next time you have to go.  Well there are two things wrong with this picture.

The first problem is the children are trying to test you in getting their way.  They’re testing you however because they know there must be an effort on your part as well.  The other factor is although we know this activity is just what is needed for them; we get tired of fighting.  So we “reluctantly” say okay, stay home today. Let’s face it, then there is no effort required on our part.  This test will occur again.  Will we take the bait again?  Are we saying to ourselves, what’s in my best interest?  We can now relax ourselves.  We now get the hour or two off.

No one told us to have one, two, or more children.  No one can really believe someone else until we experience something ourselves.  We did not have children so we could have someone wash clothes, wash dishes, and cut the grass, (it would be nice).

For whatever reason the attitude of (what’s in it for me) should not be a factor.  It should not be “what’s in my best interest” but rather what’s in the best interest for our children.

So the next time your children don’t want to go to classes try and read between the lines. Get them to class so we can give them all the things we read about karate can do.


For Student Account – Profile/Records, Videos, Event registration, training videos, and additional content

KIcksite Student portal and APP


Tax season Family special. Huge savings!

Tax season Family special. Huge savings!

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Kempo Intensive Jan 27th-28th 2024

Kempo Intensive Training

Elite Sports uniform review

Exciting News: Collaboration with Elite Sports!

We’re pleased to share that we’ve partnered with S.A.M.A. We’ll be testing their products and providing a review shortly. You can explore the products here:

Link 1: S.A.M.A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Men’s BJJ Gis

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Stay tuned for our feedback!

Monday/Wednesday Class Times Changing

Starting Wednesday 9/6/2023 – Class times are changing for our Monday/Wednesday Class. Join us for Youth Kempo Class at 5:30-6:30 pm and Adult Kempo Class at 6:30-7:30 pm

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Thanks Ryder

Thanks to Ryder for the kind letter.

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