Graham Sensei


Instructor Bio

Jason Graham Sensei

Jason Graham Sensei is the Chief Instructor of Aikido at North Phoenix Modern Aikido under the Independent Aikido Alliance (IAA). Graham Sensei first started his Aikido training under Fred Mastison Sensei of Aikido of Phoenix (AOP). He studied with AOP for several years, training under both Gary Boaz Sensei and Niko Huffman Sensei. In June of 2008 Mr. Graham began distance training with Boaz Sensei via internet and video capture.

Late in 2009, Mr. Graham was given the opportunity to open his own Aikido school (Ishizue Dojo) under Boaz Sensei’s new organization, IAA. Since that time, Graham Sensei has continued distance training with Sensei Boaz, and travels to see him frequently. He also hosts seminars in Phoenix to provide his students the opportunity to train with Mr. Boaz directly. Ishizue dojo continues to follow the spirit of Budo started under Boaz Sensei.

Congruent with his Aikido training, Mr. Graham has studied Kyusho Jitsu under Boaz Sensei, and Master James Corn. He continues to combine these complimentary arts in his classes for the benefit of his students. He also participates in tactical firearms training taking part in the KTAC and KTAC II classes annually. This helps him maintain a combat mindset in a civilian environment.

The elements of Mr. Graham’s training come together to form a modern Budo that can be utilized in today’s society. While maintaining a reality based self defense system, he enjoys the traditions that accompany Aikido and their connection with the Samurai philosphy.