Niko Huffman


Instructor Bio

Sensei Niko Huffman

Sensei Niko Huffman is a lifetime student of Budo, and is a firm believer in Bruce Lee”s philosophy of “Using no way as way, using no limitation as limitation – absorb what is useful, and reject what is useless for you”. He began studying Shorinji-Ryu Karate and Kobudo at the age of ten, achieving the rank of Shodan at the age of sixteen, and teaching as an assistant instructor for several years. After college, Niko traveled extensively for business, studying whatever arts were available wherever his travels took him, including Boxing, Kickboxing, Aikido, and Shotokan Karate. After settling in Arizona in 2001, Niko studied Aikido exclusively until 2009. Currently, Niko actively studies Systema, Kyusho-Jitsu, Martial Blade Concepts, and Isshin-ryu Karate. He holds a rank of Nidan in the Independent Aikido Alliance under Gary Boaz, Nidan in Kyusho-Jitsu under Master Jim Corn, and is a Certified Instructor in Systema under Vladimir Vasiliev.