Instructor Bio

Ed Clary – Yoga

 I love teaching and helping people in any way I can. Starting with high school track and field, my coach had me learn all the events, and then had me help him teach newbies until the school hired an assistant coach. That’s when I learned of my affinity and gift for teaching/instructing. From then on, as fast as I could learn, I was always teaching/training someone in something. Eventually I studied and taught martial arts. After a few decades my body began taking longer and longer to recover. There were family and work obligations; eventually I made the conscious decision to walk away from teaching martial arts. I’d truly enjoyed the internal, mental and spiritual aspects, pervasive throughout martial arts. Looking for a way to keep up with these, eventually led me to yoga. A couple of years into taking yoga classes, several instructors and other students began asking when I was going to get certified to teach. Now I get the physical activity I like, along with mental and other internal needs being met, as well as the opportunity to teach others.