Coach Brad

Brad Andersen

BJJ Black belt under Danny Richards.
Former MMA competitor
Number 1 lightweight amateur in the state 2010
Number 5 amateur in the Nation 2010
Trained extensively in boxing, judo, wrestling, and muay thai along with


Beginning of mma training.
2005-The pit mma training room: a house built mma gym for local fighters. Given at the time there were no places to train mma in omaha nebraska.
2007- first mma fight.
2009- Formal training at mid america martial arts begins. Training BJJ, Muay thai, Judo and wrestling.

My BJJ Journey begins as a white belt,

2010- Stay active fighting mma frequently and become ranked number 1 lightweight in the state. And number 5 in the nation.
2011- End mma career with a record of 9 wins 3 losses on a win streak to pursue other career options but still continuing my BJJ journey at Premier combat center .

BJJ rankings
2012-Awarded blue belt under 3rd degree black belt Marcelo Aguilar
2015- Purple belt under 4th degree black belt Marcelo Aguilar and Filipe Diniz.
2017- Brown belt under 4th degree black belts Tony Eduardo and Tony Souza
2022- Black belt under 4th degree black belt Danny Richards
I hope to teach others the value of BJJ for self defense, discipline and self control as well as having the confidence in themselves that their body is equipped as a weapon if necessary..
Being equipped with BJJ skills gives you the power to control a situation without causing serious harm to your opponent but also being able to keep your own safety intact.