Coach Brad

Brad Andersen

Brad Andersen
Last of the Andersen martial arts family powerhouse, but certainly not least, is Brad.
Brad began his martial arts journey almost twenty years ago with MMA. He then
branched out into wrestling, Muay Thai, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
When he reached #1 in the state and #5 in the nation in MMA, he decided to pivot his
focus to BJJ, earning his black belt in 2022 under renowned trainers. He's excited to
teach others the value of BJJ for not only self-defense, disciple, and self-control, but for
self-confidence too.
Fun Fact: Brad attended culinary arts school and his food creations are just as mean as
his fighting skills.


BJJ Black belt under Danny Richards.
Former MMA competitor
Number 1 lightweight amateur in the state 2010
Number 5 amateur in the Nation 2010
Trained extensively in boxing, judo, wrestling, and muay thai along with


Beginning of mma training.
2005-The pit mma training room: a house built mma gym for local fighters. Given at the time there were no places to train mma in omaha nebraska.
2007- first mma fight.
2009- Formal training at mid america martial arts begins. Training BJJ, Muay thai, Judo and wrestling.

My BJJ Journey begins as a white belt,

2010- Stay active fighting mma frequently and become ranked number 1 lightweight in the state. And number 5 in the nation.
2011- End mma career with a record of 9 wins 3 losses on a win streak to pursue other career options but still continuing my BJJ journey at Premier combat center .

BJJ rankings
2012-Awarded blue belt under 3rd degree black belt Marcelo Aguilar
2015- Purple belt under 4th degree black belt Marcelo Aguilar and Filipe Diniz.
2017- Brown belt under 4th degree black belts Tony Eduardo and Tony Souza
2022- Black belt under 4th degree black belt Danny Richards
I hope to teach others the value of BJJ for self defense, discipline and self control as well as having the confidence in themselves that their body is equipped as a weapon if necessary..
Being equipped with BJJ skills gives you the power to control a situation without causing serious harm to your opponent but also being able to keep your own safety intact.