Coach Cory Nyenhuis


Dr. Cory Nyenhuis

Dr. Cory Nyenhuis DACM, L.Ac. has been training martial arts for over 30 years, ever since his mother took him to see “The Karate Kid” back in 1984. Growing up it was YMCA karate/tae kwon do but in high school he discovered Chinese Kung Fu and Stick fighting.  After  high school he was enamored with Taiji Quan and the related Internal Arts of China.  By the year 2000 he was training full time with a local teacher.  During these formative early 2000’s he began studying health and nutrition more and more and in the fall of 2007 he enrolled at the Arizona School of Acupuncture where completed his masters degree.  While living in Tucson he had the opportunity to train with some legendary teachers namely Dr. Vince Black and his organisation.  During this training he not only expanded his martial prowess with earning rank in Kajukenbo and Bagua, he also learned more medicine at Dr. Black’s clinic.  Upon returning to Omaha, Cory started to enter grappling competitions and learning Brazilian Jujitsu as it neatly complimented his past training.  In 2018 Cory finished his doctoral studies and earned the equivalent of a 6th degree black belt in his long term family of Kung Fu.  He is at the dojo most days training, teaching and encouraging others.

Dr. Cory Nyenhuis of of 4 Paths Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine