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Martial Arts for men, women, and children of all ages

Steiner Academy of Martial Arts is a place to become a better martial artist and a better citizen of the world. Our martial arts classes are for men, women, and children of all ages. We are located in Omaha, NE and specialize in  Kempo/American Chuan Fa™, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi , and Yoga.

No Matter how you are looking to improve Steiner Academy of Martial Arts has offerings to support your growth.   All classes will improve confidence flexibility, and self control.  Specific class material can be tailored for specific needs.  Looking to become proficient in ground fighting?  Dynasty BJJ classes have you covered, Increase your inner calmness?  Tai Chi Classes can help,  Want to focus on self defense and standup material the kenpo classes are for you.   Want to delve into some kung fu,  its here.   

Rob R.

I trained with Steiner most of my teenage years. The knowledge I learned there will stay with me for life. I use much of what I learned every day of my life as there are countless ways to apply the knowledge. Not only did it help me stay in shape, but it has also kept me safe in a few rough situations. Steiner has also become a great business associate of mine. The Academy is a great place to meet like-minded people. Joining his school back when I was 15 yrs old was probably the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

Seth T.

I first met Shawn Steiner in 2002 when I started training in martial arts. Right from the start I learned, he is always ready and willing to educate those willing to learn. Because, of Shawn I have met some really great students and instructors from all over the country. While I have not always been the best student. He has always been there. Ready and willing to teach. His dedication and commitment is self evident in the success of his students. I am proud to consider him a friend and mentor and will always seek out his instruction. He is the finest instructor I have ever worked with.

Anthony K.

Both my son(😎 and I(36) have been attending for about a month. Sensei Steiner and all the staff have been excellent in their instruction and patience with teaching not only younger but older students of all skill groups. There are multiple classes for both adult and youth and different forms of martial arts and fitness and even CCW training as well. My son has greatly improved in his self confidence compared to where he started and every class he looks forward to learning and improving. Working with all the instructors to improve his focus to better increase his experience. Excited to continue training and happy to see how far my son has changed. My wife even wants to join and we are trying to figure out child care for our youngest so we can all take classes together…if he was old enough I would see if he is interested as well but that’s still a few years away. 100% recommend attending the evaluation classes and find out if it’s a good fit, it for sure has been excellent for us.

Casey V.

My son has been takin Ji Jitsu for almost a year now at Steiner. I love the different ways they all interact with my son. Super happy I found this place.

Michael B.

If you wanna really learn self defense and true art come to Sensei Steiners Academy of martial arts!!! I’ve been training for two years and with that time I have gained so much physically and mentally from the training here you’ll also learn how to push through any hardcoming and obstacles in life and exceed your goals it has helped me substantially, come try it out and join the program!!

Dr. Ron Chapel

Professor Steiner is a true warrior who cares about his students of all ages and strives to always teach and encourages them to improve their skills while instilling discipline and family values.

Khao X.

Our sons have been training at Steiner Academy of martial Art for a year, they learn discipline and self control, they work hard and gain so much confidence, they absolutely love it here!! Thank you Sensei and all the instructors!!!

Joy S.

My 6yo daughter started taking karate lessons this month at Steiner AMA and we couldn’t be more happy. I was blown away by the support and encouragement she received from other students in the class (some many years older than her). She is not only learning martial arts but also valuable life lessons. Best. Place. Ever!!!

Mike F.

Searched for Martial Arts schools, training and education in the past. Didn’t find any that met my expectations for practical training until I came here. Been here for 4.5 years. I still drop into other Dojos to see what and how they are training. Steiner Academy of Martial Arts is the foundation into which I build my martial arts house upon.

Karen M.

My daughter takes classes here. I would send her no where else. Sensei Steiner is amazing with kids. He is gentle and stern all at the same time. He has helped her with test anxiety, dealing with all kinds of stress, and emotions. She has a goal of being a black belt she loves it so much.

Tony A.

I’ve watched my daughter train here for a couple years, and am now a student myself. Sensei Steiner and the instructor staff know their stuff, and help you push yourself past what you think your boundaries are. Beginners are encouraged.

Sean O.

The Steiner Academy of Martial Arts has been an extremely positive influence in the development of my young children.  In the last year their discipline, self control and self-confidence have made tremendous gains.   Sensei Steiner shows amazing patience with these children and makes learning fun.  They can’t wait to go to class each week.  I recommend this dojo to all students and parents.

Dominick Z.

Steiner Martial Arts Academy is a amazing example of what a martial arts school should be.  Unlike the corporate run schools where profits and a watered down curriculum that are easy to digest and structured to empty parents pockets, this academy  is run and taught by Steiner himself “mom and pop style”.  Steiner knows every student on a personal level.  He knows their strengths and weaknesses and is constantly tailoring their experience to help them develop as an individual. Some students need help with being timid,  some with attention and focus,  some with determination, essentially  he helps them all reach their balanced maximum potential. Sounds too good to be true?  I was skeptical at first too…but both me and my 6 yo son and I are students there, and I assure you this school is a precious rare find. The skills trained there are a mix of the traditional and the practical…designed to prepare you for self defense and help you develop your inner strength and character. If you have ever considered martial arts for your child or yourself  I’d suggest you check out this school, Old World “mom and pop” style businesses are slowly disappearing …don’t miss out on this one.

Niki M.

We have been attending SAMA for over five years. Sensei Steiner and his instructors are awesome. The first six months both of my daughters (6 & 8 at the time) were enrolled and received excellent instruction. Our 6 year old is now 11 and she loves! My middle daughter still always wants to go in and say hi even though she decided karate was not for her. The Instructors understand that there is not one style to teach and take the time to learn about your child and how they learn.
I have been enrolled in the adult classes for 5 years. Not only is it a great way to get some exercise and training. I starting thinking I’d take it for fun and have discovered that I love the styles and programs they provide.
Steiner Academy of Martial Arts is not just a school but a family. We could not be happier with our experience.

Jessa O.

The instructors at Steiner Academy of Martial Arts provide top notch training for the entire family. The training is entirely self defense centered and not just strict stylized martial arts teaching. It doesn’t matter if you have previous experience or have never trained before SAMA has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a great place to train my family & I highly recommend Steiner Academy of Martial Arts.


I joined Steiner Academy of Martial Arts in April. Being a 36 year old female with very little athletic ability, I was apprehensive about joining a martial arts program. When I called, I was assured that I would be able to learn. I visited for one session and decided to join.

It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I have learned many lessons about self defense, but the lessons I have learned about surpassing my expectations of myself have been greater in number and in scope. Sensei Steiner and the other instructors have been there for me every step of the way.

Steiner Academy of Martial Arts has not only changed my view of myself, but it has also made me a more confident person. Sensei Steiner’s teachings have enabled me to go above and beyond what I believed were my limitations. My intentions were to learn more about self defense. What I have received in return is a better way of life. Come to the dojo, and you will see what I mean. RJ

Art P.

I have had my kids in Steiner Academy for years.  Shawn is an excellent instructor.  This is the job he was meant to do.  I trust him with teaching my kids, which is the highest recommendation I can give, and would recommend his school to anyone serious about learning self-defense.

Fred M.

Steiner Sensei is one of the most knowledgeable and professional instructors I have ever had the chance to work with.  While maintaining a well recognized business and professional presence he still maintains a friendly and personal atmosphere in the school.  This is a rare combination in the martial arts world.  As a parent and life time adult martial artist I highly recommend Steiner Academy of Martial Arts!
-Fred M

Jennie N.

It is a privilege to practice with the many amazing people who make up the community of martial artists at this dojo. I have learned many things while training in self-defense at the Steiner Academy of Martial Arts. However, none of them come as difficult for me as the physical aspect. I could have many excuses not to try martial arts: I can’t learn physically, my body doesn’t move that way, I’m out of shape, this is too hard, everyone else is better than me and I keep practicing wrong. But there is one reason I have not given up on myself. Training in martial arts at Steiner Academy is many things, but the one most important to me is that I’m not just learning how to conquer an opponent, but I’m learning how to conquer myself, my doubts, my fears and insecurities. Sensei Steiner and the instructors at the Academy believe that they are not only shaping amazing martial artists but amazing people. So no matter your excuse, I encourage you to give Steiner Academy of Martial Arts an opportunity to help you discover your doubts, fears and insecurities because in discovering them you also discover the opportunity to conquer them all.

Mary C.

Went to my first women’s self-defense class yesterday. Although the other women were bigger and stronger than me, nobody punched as hard as she could. We sparred with gloves and helmets, learning both defense and offense. We also covered using a kubaton. A lot of scenarios that might actually occur in real life were discussed. It was great! Kudos to Sensei Steiner and his women’s group. I’ll be back.

April B.

My son has been here since he was about 4 years old. Now he is almost 16. Love it!


My son has been going here for about a year know and it has really given him a boost of confidence and has let him shine. We have tried for years to find a sport that he likes and he loves taking this karate class! At times I think it is a little aggressive but that is what my son loves about! All of the instructors are very nice and take the extra steps to make great students!



The owner and instructor at Steiner Academy of Martial Arts is a quality instructor and individual. In my experience, he works very well with both adults and children and instills a core sense of values lacking in many learning environments today. No matter your reason for seeking martial arts training, this school is your answer.

I have been a student of this instructor since 2000. Great at teaching and does an awesome job at making sure you know the material. I would recommend this school to anybody, at any age, who is willing to do the work.
Im a student here. I started when I was 6 years old and Im a blue belt after 4 years. Sensei and his instructors are great! This year my teacher at school complimented me for being able to work with anyone in my class. Sensei challenges us by teaching us how to teach others besides just learning the techniques..You should come to karate here because it is the best!!!
Sensei Steiner and his instructors are awesome. The first six months both of our daughters (6 & 8) were enrolled and received excellent instruction. Our 6 year old is continuing instruction loving it! Our 8 year old still always wants to go in and say hi even though karate was not for her 🙂 They understand that there is not one style to teach and take the time to learn about your child and how they learn. My husband and I have been enrolled in the adult classes for over six months now. Not only is it a great way to get some exercise and training but a good way for us to spend some time together. Steiner Academy of Martial Arts is not just a school but a family. We could not be happier with our experience.

Kip B.

My plan to begin martial arts was to have my son trained in techniques/ principles to defend himself in an ever increasingly dangerous world.
I decided to take classes with him and it has been one of my best decisions. My son at age 11 was scared going into the first class.
At the end of that class, he looked up at me and said, “Can we do this stuff, I love this stuff.” That boy is now age 21 and has achieved the rank
of 2nd degree black belt at the Steiner Academy of Martial Arts.
The foundation martial arts style is Shaolin Kempo. But Sensei Steiner has
opened the philosophy to the basics of “what ever works in self defense.” Students are taught techniques against punches, grabs, knives, guns and clubs. Additionally, Sensei Steiner has contacts with martial artists across the country and has included pressure point fighting techniques and grappling (ground fighting), along with sparring in order to provide a well-rounded experience. Sensei even holds Citizen Handgun Training classes
for those interested. One of the most important and personally rewarding aspects of studying under Sensei Steiner is that practical self defense tactics are taught and various scenarios are discussed to engage the student’s mind and awareness.
One unique opportunity is Budo Camp. This is a Friday night – Sunday afternoon camp where instructors from around the country come to a camp just
south of Omaha to teach aspects of their arts. It is an amazing way to get exposure to different arts/styles/philosophies in a concentrated time-frame and anyone who has attended has raved about it and shows up the next year.
This is open to any martial artist across the country and usually is attended by students of both coasts, the midwest and southwest.
I am one of the oldest students and at age 55 achieved my 1st degree black belt. If I did not realize the high standards of instruction and broad opportunities presented at Steiner Academy of Martial Arts, I would not have put in 10 years of effort and still my training continues. Many people want to “find themselves” and I can tell you that the study of martial arts is a valid path towards self- discovery. This training has boosted my confidence, challenged old ways of thinking, improved my physical/mental health, instilled a sense of commitment towards earning goals and provided a venue to develop friendships with many high quality people. Knowing what I know now about Sensei Steiner and the multitude of unique experiences
afforded at our school, I would be signing up again. As an older man with not much range of motion at my hips, the Kempo training of primarily arm/hand techniques fit my abilities wonderfully.
Accommodations are made for different types of physical limitations that still allows even the over-40 year-olds to gain significant benefits of training while limiting risk of injury.
Entering into martial arts is a way to see what you are made of. The training is not easy, but definitely worth the effort physically and mentally. It is a way to improve coordination, balance, strength, grace of movement and speed of movement. I view martial arts similar to the way I think about swimming: it is a fun activity in itself, but under the right circumstances it can be a life-saving skill.
I encourage anyone reading my thoughts to please visit the school and talk with Sensei Steiner and the students to gain a better sense of the quality of this instruction and what it can provide you. Typically, Sensei will allow anyone interested in martial arts to take a free class so they can make a better informed decision.

Kip Burkman

My sons have gained self-confidence and maturity as they were taught Kempo Karate at Steiner Academy of Martial Arts.Sensei Steiner has taught our boys for close to 10 years now. My oldest boy is 15 and in high school. He studied at Steiner Academy for 8 years and attained a blue belt. I have to say that a good part of his patience and ability to deal with hard situations are so well developed because of the years training there. He learned that hard work pays off and felt the satisfaction of working towards and earning the belt ranks. My second son is continuing classes for close to 5 years now and is learning that the effort you put forth is directly related to the rewards.
My daughter is a student at Steiner Academy of Martial Arts, and at first was reluctant to take part. Sensei Steiner has a way of helping kids find their inner strength and use that strength to grow. My daughter’s confidence has dramatically improved, and she now can do things she never thought she’d be able to do – as a direct result of her regular participation in Kempo classes. While things can sometimes seem rough around the edges to new students and families, everything has a purpose to the greater learning experience, and in ways that aren’t always expected. I believe that Sensei Steiner and his team do a great job at not only the day-to-day learning activities, but also the larger picture of self-development and growth. I would definitely recommend Sensei Steiner’s Academy to others!!

Rebekah A.

I’m a student here. I started when I was 6 years old and I’m a blue belt after 4 years. Sensei and his instructors are great! This year my teacher at school complimented me for being able to work with anyone in my class. Sensei challenges us by teaching us how to teach others besides just learning the techniques. You should come to karate here because it is the best!!!

Rebekah A.

Cylee C.

Steiner Academy is amazing. They have amazing instructors who teach students not only self defense but also how to be comfortable with the older kids helping to teach the younger kids and even adults new to the experience. The instructors and even the older kids who have been going for years are great role models. They push to always teach and encourages them to improve their skills while teaching discipline and even family values. They have helped my son Jax with coping with ADHD and dealing with all kinds of stress, and emotions and anxiety. And at the end of the day they arnt just a building full of people (well they are) but its a family. I 110% recommend Steiner Academy to anyone man, women, kids, and even older people.