The Midwest’s finest Weekend of Martial Arts Training Multi-Discipline friendly and serious weekend of Martial Study with Masters from all over the Country!

Budo Camp is an annual two-day seminar that brings together martial artists from around the world. During this weekend of training, learning, and fun, experts from numerous martial arts styles share and demonstrate their knowledge in specialized sessions.

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Past Budo Camp instructors: Dr. Ron Chapél and Professor Ryan Angell for American Chúan Fa™, Master Jim Corn / Kyusho Jitsu, Jason Graham Sensei / Aikido, Sensei Shawn Steiner / Kempo Karate, Marty Anderson / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sensei John Kerker, Sifu Pete Starr, Sifu Cory Nyenhuis, Niko Hoffman / Systema, Sensei Asa Seeley /Kung Fu Kyusho Jitsu, Sensei Gary Boaz / Aikido, Sensei Chad Seibert, and Sifu Miles Coleman / Kung Fu. These sessions are prefaced with an introduction followed by lessons in application.
Budo Camp is a unique martial arts camp. The attendees come together with the intent to learn from each other while developing both their martial art and their minds. The weekend accommodates martial artists in all levels of ranks and experience.
Budo Camp is an opportunity to meet open-minded martial artists of many styles and broaden your scope of knowledge and experience in martial arts. Come learn the similarities and differences and how they apply to what you do.

Budo Camp began with a simple idea. What if we could bring martial artists together to learn from each other, in an environment where equality and humility are standard? Could we create a learning environment that would be appropriate for all martial artists, regardless of rank?

The word “Budo” has been defined as “the spiritual foundation for martial arts; the ethical code on which martial arts are based”. What if we could create a martial arts camp that exemplified the very foundation of martial arts? If you have been searching for the same thing, look no further. Budo Camp is the Midwest’s finest martial arts camp. We believe that studying across disciplines makes us better martial artists. There is no minimum experience level needed to join us for Budo Camp; the only requirements are a positive training attitude and a willingness to see all martial artists as fellow travelers on the path of Budo. Don’t wait any longer to start your journey.

Budo Camp is an opportunity to meet open-minded martial artists from a variety of styles to broaden your scope of experience. If you are an instructor interested in teaching at Budo Camp or if you have styles you wish to explore, please let us know.

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2-days w/ T-Shirt $175
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  • 2-days of training
  • More than 15 hours of multi-discipline instruction

1-days w/ T-Shirt $95
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  • Your choice to train either Saturday or Sunday
  • More than 8 hours of multi-discipline instruction


Budo Camp 2021 Agenda

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