Here you can find tools and resources for Tiny Tigers. The Tiny Tigers (ages 4-6) class is offered every Wednesday 5:45-6:15 p.m.

If you’re interested in getting your Tiny Tiger started in classes, please contact us for more information and special promotions.

Parent with children in karate

Parent Information

The school’s best assets are its students. To continue to grow, the school relies on referrals. Please tell your friends, family and colleagues about Steiner Academy of Martial Arts and direct them to our website or Social Media sites. We offer promotions to both potential new students and current students who refer others. Contact Sensei…

Principles of Conduct image

Principles of Conduct

EFFORT Always do your best. Remember, you read what you sow. ETIQUETTE Always use good manners. Follow the conventional code that governs behavior in society. Good manners establish goodwill with those around you. SINCERITY Always tell the truth. Be honest in mind and intention. Say and do exactly what you mean. SELF-CONTROL Control your mind,…

The Five Animals (thumb)

The Five Animals

The Animal Forms of Shaolin Kempo The influence of nature on Chinese martial arts can be traced back many centuries and the natural instincts and methods of animals were often imitated in the martial arts forms. DRAGON The dragon is especially noted for its wisdom and flexibility. It is the only mythological creature of the…

Steiner Academy of Martial Arts Shield (thumb)

The Shield

The shield is the badge worn by all Steiner Academy of Martial Arts instructors and students. The roof of the shield represents a protective cover for all those who reside under it. The point of the shield represents the point of a spear, indicative of a constant state of readiness to engage in battle. The…

Kempo Creed

Kempo Creed

Kempo is my secret. I bear no arms. May my God grant me perseverance and self-control and help me if I must reveal my secret in defense of myself or another. Let conscience be my guide and peace be my goal. I shall fall seven times only to rise again. My life begins now.