The shield is the badge worn by all Steiner Academy of Martial Arts instructors and students.

  • The roof of the shield represents a protective cover for all those who reside under it.
  • The point of the shield represents the point of a spear, indicative of a constant state of readiness to engage in battle.
  • The eight pointed web with diamonds represents the eight basic angles of movement.
  • The tiger represents strength and the physical prowess of a Steiner Shaolin Kempo Karate practitioner.
  • The dragon represents wisdom, flexibility, and the mental calmness needed for the higest levels of execution.
  • The Yin and Yang is an ancient Chinese symbol where the Yin (dark) represents negative and the Yang (light) the positive. Together they show the inseparable duality in every possible object of thought.

The entire shield stands for an open mind and the never-ending commitment to endeavor for higher levels of proficiency in the physical, mental and spiritual paths of study.