Steiner Martial Arts Academy is a amazing example of what a martial arts school should be.  Unlike the corporate run schools where profits and a watered down curriculum that are easy to digest and structured to empty parents pockets, this academy  is run and taught by Steiner himself “mom and pop style”.  Steiner knows every student on a personal level.  He knows their strengths and weaknesses and is constantly tailoring their experience to help them develop as an individual. Some students need help with being timid,  some with attention and focus,  some with determination, essentially  he helps them all reach their balanced maximum potential. Sounds too good to be true?  I was skeptical at first too…but both me and my 6 yo son and I are students there, and I assure you this school is a precious rare find. The skills trained there are a mix of the traditional and the practical…designed to prepare you for self defense and help you develop your inner strength and character. If you have ever considered martial arts for your child or yourself  I’d suggest you check out this school, Old World “mom and pop” style businesses are slowly disappearing …don’t miss out on this one.

Dominick Z