Sensei Steiner works extremely well with boys and girls of all ages. He uses the disciplines of Kempo karate to mold young minds and inspires confidence. My daughter has been in this dojo since first grade and has advanced at a comfortable pace. She used what she learned early on in defense of herself with an extremely favorable outcome. We began in the beginners class and advanced to the twice a week class. Now we are in one of the Saturday classes. Our family prefers the Saturday class. We also availed Sensei Steiner in a one-on-one session to focus on polishing my daughter’s moves for her 5th belt. This session was extremely helpful. Sensei Steiner also uses the abilities of other excellent black belt former and current students in different class settings. I cannot find fault in any of them. They are all top notch! My daughter also attended a firearms training class. She frequently goes target shooting with her father, uncle and cousins. I would like to deduct only 1/2 a star from the above rating. This gives the Sensei something to strive for..

Joanne Kroh