Shawn is one of those martial arts-a-holics who spends much time in other arts, and has for a spell. He spars and rolls well, and has established and maintained training relationships and friendships with a lot of guys outside his art. Some kenpo, some kempo, some BJJ, some kyusho, some FMA, etc. Actually has a pretty good smattering of skills under his belt. I’d be glad to have him watching my back in a brawl. In addition to his skills, he’s got a good heart and a fighting spirit where you know if something needs to get done, he’ll step in and do it…and I don’t feel that way about all that many people.

Bounced with lotsa guys with cleaner lineages than Shawn, who ended up standing there or becoming part of the problem in major blow-outs. Despite their training, they couldn’t think. Shawn’s a thinker, and that counts for more to me than lineage. My take, anyways. If I didn’t trust and respect him, I wouldn’t be presenting at his camp. For what it’s worth.

Dave Crouch