In my 43 years in the martial arts its been my pleasure and a rare thing to encounter a teacher like sensei Steiner. I would have to say he is one of the top instructors ive met. He really shines in the instruction of children and young adults. Im highly impressed at his ability to teach young minds very important life skill concepts and yet understand they are kids. This is not something that’s easily found in traditional or commercial martial arts studios today. His program ( for adults and kids) offers solid instruction in practical basics both physically and mentally. Sensei Steiner’s life experiences contributes greatly to his ability to teach people regardless of age,sex or ability. The adult program offers effective street orientated self defense and Sensei Steiner’s back ground in military, police and combat self defense systems adds realism to all that he teaches! I highly recommend this school!

MIles Coleman EWCH RH AHG Herbalist, Educator, clinician and kung fu master in two styles.