I joined Steiner Academy of Martial Arts in April. Being a 36 year old female with very little athletic ability, I was apprehensive about joining a martial arts program. When I called, I was assured that I would be able to learn. I visited for one session and decided to join.

It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I have learned many lessons about self defense, but the lessons I have learned about surpassing my expectations of myself have been greater in number and in scope. Sensei Steiner and the other instructors have been there for me every step of the way.

Steiner Academy of Martial Arts has not only changed my view of myself, but it has also made me a more confident person. Sensei Steiner’s teachings have enabled me to go above and beyond what I believed were my limitations. My intentions were to learn more about self defense. What I have received in return is a better way of life. Come to the dojo, and you will see what I mean.