Exceptional multi-discipline training.

My husband is a student and assistant instructor at Steiner Academy. He was previously attending classes at another school, however his transfer to SAMA was a smart move. He has learned fundamentals of Shaolin Kempo, Kyusho, as well as Sparring and Grappling techniques. At SAMA, he has had the opportunity to train with instructors of a wide variety of disciplines that many other schools do not offer. I believe that this atmosphere of collaboration makes him a better student and teacher of martial arts. Sensei Steiner treats his students with respect and teaches practical skills for self defense. Students work hard, but also have fun learning new skills. I recommend SAMA for students of all ages and abilities. Sensei Steiner also offers women’s self defense courses, firearms training for all levels, and CCW courses. Sign up today and become part of the SAMA family.

Stacy F