Best place in town to study Multiple Martial Arts!

Steiner Academy of Martial Arts is THE place to go! I got brought up there by my friend that just wanted to try it out. My friend stopped pursuing it after a few belts, but I studied for 2 years and became a blue belt! I am SO glad I did. I learned so much about being more humble, calm and exponentially stronger as a person physically and mentally! Shawn Steiner and his instructors teach you the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate, while also cross training you in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kyuosho Jitsu, (Pressure Points) and a side class with Sub-Level Kempo Karate. They also teach more focused classes on Sparring, and Grappling. It’s not just for adults either, the KIDS class they teach is amazing! I’ve seen them have nothing but fun, and they also have kids events like pizza party’s every so often as well. By learning all of this you all together have the potential of being a much more rounded martial artists and you are prepared for any situation that could happen to you anywhere; whether it is someone holding you at gunpoint, attacking you with a club, knife, etc. They put you in situations so you can practice and polish what you’ve learned in a full-contact environment with other students so that you get a more realistic idea of how it will be when you get attacked in person, and you can practice and polish your skills. One other thing, is Sensei Steiner ALSO teaches a CCW class for anyone trying to get a handgun permit. The amazing thing about this school is that even though it’s full contact I have never seen or heard of anyone getting badly hurt in that class of any sort besides a possible bloody nose every now & then if your not paying attention! Haha. Anyways I Highly recommend going here over every other place in town, and for the price you get for studying martial arts here, it’s the best system I’ve heard of and you will feel you are UNDERpaying for the teaching you get here! Hope this helps everyone that is curious about this school answer any questions you have. Sorry about the long description, I couldn’t explain a school this great with just a short paragraph. Shawn is a fantastic instructor, and a great person in general you can always talk to him about anything, and he Is always willing to help!

michael buirst