Very Impressed

We have been very impressed by Sensei Steiner and his staff for not only teaching the importance of self-defense but also the ability to learn life skills/lessons such as; having a positive attitude in gaining self-confidence and respect, using self-control and self-discipline, working in a cohesive team environment and teaching the children that practice will help them achieve their goals.

One of the key elements and benefits for younger children of martial arts training is the improvement of one’s self-discipline. Certainly the ability to control one’s self, especially ones conduct has been particularly helpful for our 3 year old.

Sensei has an exceptional understanding of beginners and their mistakes and does an amazing job of motivating them to become focused and involved. Sensei Steiner does a great job of allowing the children to place themselves in situations that they probably would have been too self-conscious to do before.  In addition, Sensei helps each child build self-confidence within themselves so they are able to speak and or demonstrate to a group of their peers.

We are very happy and pleased to watch our child as his confidence and skill set continues to grow each day.

Thank You,

Cj’s Family