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Prana Yoga with Ed

Prana Yoga for all

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Personal growth thru movement

Prana is the energy of absolutely everything in the universe and everything that entails. From slow to fast flowing, these open flow classes stem from Vinyasa Yoga, with a wide base of creativity through poses and sequences. After warming up through variations of sun salutations and conscious breathing you will explore your presence in a variety of movements and transitions that compose a flow class. Classes may be guided by an intention, a category of poses, a peak pose, or some other theme. Do you desire to improve your mental and physical health? Have you always wanted to try yoga but you find yourself saying, “I’m just not flexible enough” or “I have no idea where to start.”  Would you enjoy a calmer mind and better stress management?  You’re not alone. Many  are uncomfortable with the idea of going to a class because they feel embarrassed by their limitations and “newbie” status. That is exactly what this class is all about! We are going to unpack the basics. We will break down the most common yoga poses that most classes include and learn how to properly align YOUR body in them. We are going to talk about this breath business that you keep hearing about and dip our toe into some natural meditation. Our group lesson is beneficial to students of all experience levels. Growth and Good times will be had by all!

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