Parent Information

Parent with children in karateThe school’s best assets are its students. To continue to grow, the school relies on referrals. Please tell your friends, family and colleagues about Steiner Academy of Martial Arts and direct them to our website or Social Media sites. We offer promotions to both potential new students and current students who refer others. Contact Sensei Steiner for details on current promotions for current students. Direct interested friends, family or colleagues to the “Getting Started” page on the website. Also feel free to bring them for a visit to the dojo.


  • Payment is due on the first of every month. In an effort to streamline the business and make payments easier for both you and Steiner Academy we accept payments through ACH automatic draft through your bank account. You can pick up a form at the dojo. Please notify Sensei in writing of any changes to your banking information prior to due date so account payments can be processed in a timely manner.
  • Parent participation is encouraged, however please refrain from disrupting the class and disciplining the students from the sidelines as it is detrimental to the educational atmosphere.
  • Speak quietly when classes are in session, during meditation and promotions. Be respectful and pay attention during promotions–students work hard to earn their belts.
  • Photo/Video recording during your child’s promotion is acceptable, otherwise permission is required to use video and photography equipment in the dojo or at Steiner Academy events at all times.
  • Please turn cell phones off or place them on vibrate, and answer/make all calls outside of the dojo.
  • Academy information will be updated periodically on this website including: Schedule changes, seminars and class information. This information will also be available through our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Competition among students is a healthy part of Karate. Parents also need to exude good sportsmanship as an example to the children.
  • Please do not bring outside food or drink into the dojo. Water is available to purchase and we also have a cooler on site.
  • Each student will advance at their own pace. Attendance, parental guidance and practice at home are essential for students to succeed. Speak to Sensei or another instructor if you have any questions or concerns. Also feel free to utilize our Practice Calender record tool to encourage your child to practice on a regular basis.