Tai Chi Program and YILIQUAN Kungfu – Sifu Pete Starr

Sifu StarrTai Chi was traditionally practiced as a martial art and has more recently been practiced and described as a “moving meditation.” Practicing Tai Chi relieves stress, promotes rhythmic breathing, and improves concentration. The slow, graceful movements also promote joint health, and increase bone density and muscular strength. Tai Chi trains the mind to direct the flow of internal energy or “Qi.
Research From Harvard Medical School shows the benefit of regular Tai Chi practice in helping to prevent and heal numerous medical conditions Including Arthritis/Joint health , heart disease/hypertension, sleep Issues, stress relief. It is also an effective therapy for the digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems.

Click here to view class schedule  for Date/Time and Registration  15.00 per session.   10 sessions for 10.00 per session prepaid.  Monthly unlimited programs available for both Tai Chi and Kungfu

Tai chi – Mondays – 1100 -1200    Tuesdays 1100-1200   Fridays 1830-1930

YILIQUAN KUNG-FU – Wednesday 1100-1200  Fridays 1900-2000 Sunday 1230-1330



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