Looking to try something new this summer?

Martial arts training helps the individual to grow and improve. Training fosters mental fortitude which improves the students ability to overcome difficulties in life both physical and mental. Martial arts improves Self discipline and control arming the student with amazing tools to achieve their goals.

Martial arts classes improve health and Fitness. And all of these things improve ones sense of self and their overall confidence to deal and overcome obstacles an ability that everyone can use more of in their life. Arm yourself and or your children with life coping skills that can be garnered at the dojo.

We have openings for new students in our Youth Monday/Wednesday 6:30-7:30 pm classes. This offer is available for all new adult students.
This limited time 2 month trial includes a free uniform for $149.

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Choose “Kempo Classes” from the “What kind of Series or Membership would you like?” drop down

Choose the “2 Month Trial with Free Uniform”

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