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Martial arts training helps the individual to grow and improve. Training fosters mental fortitude which improves the students ability to overcome difficulties in life both physical and mental. Martial arts improves Self discipline and control arming the student with amazing tools to achieve their goals. Martial arts classes improve health and Fitness. And all of…

Summer Schedule Updates 2017

Summer Saturdays Schedule effective 5/20/17. Youth*/Adult class from 10-Noon Sparring & Grappling from Noon-1:30 pm on scheduled days *must have instructor approval to attend. NO Saturday or Monday Classes Memorial Day or Labor Weekend.

Sifu Starr

Tai Chi Program and YILIQUAN Kungfu – Sifu Pete Starr

Tai Chi was traditionally practiced as a martial art and has more recently been practiced and described as a “moving meditation.” Practicing Tai Chi relieves stress, promotes rhythmic breathing, and improves concentration. The slow, graceful movements also promote joint health, and increase bone density and muscular strength. Tai Chi trains the mind to direct the…

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