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Meet John Kerker Sensei – Register for Budo Camp 2014

Kerker Sensei has been instructing in the Greater Omaha and Midwest areas for many years concentrated in the art of Isshin-ryu Karate. Isshin-ryu Karate is a style of Okinawan karate founded by Tatsuo Shimabuku. Meet Kerker Sensei at Budo Camp 2014 September 27-28 in Omaha, NE

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Meet Sifu Miles Coleman – Register for Budo Camp 2014

Sifu Miles Coleman RH AHG- EWCH has pursued the twin disciplines of kung fu and TCM for 40 years. Sifu Coleman holds master ranks in 2 kung fu styles and teaches for several large international martial arts organizations. Sifu Coleman’s study of traditional kung fu led him to train in the arts of DA KE (trauma…

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Register for Budo Camp 2014 by Friday 9/19 for your limited edition T-Shirt*

Register by Friday 9/19 for your limited edition T-Shirt*   The time is almost here, Budo Camp 2014 will feature instructors who have taught martial arts all over the world in a variety of styles that will enhance your own. Register now and join us to experience unique styles of martial arts from world-renowned instructors and…

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Meet Sensei Shawn Steiner – Register for Budo Camp 2014

Sensei Steiner is a 5th degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo. Sensei Steiner has over 16 years of martial arts experience.  He is Owner and Chief Instructor at Steiner Academy of Martial Arts in Omaha, Nebraska.   He is also a senior instructor with Force Options Tactical Training Solutions of Phoenix, Arizona. Sensei Steiner is a…

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